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Notpolish 2-in-1 Powder (Oh My Glitter) - OMG36 - Disco Babe

Notpolish 2-in-1 Powder (Oh My Glitter) - OMG36 - Disco Babe

Giá thông thường $16.00 CAD
Giá thông thường $20.00 CAD Giá ưu đãi $16.00 CAD
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O.h M.y G.litters are here! 48 colors filled with rich pigments and shine! Mixed with different size glitters for an in-depth look. Perfect for that extra sparkle for acrylic or dipping nails! It is an easy, smooth application without the mess, a little use can go a long way! Copper tones, dark hues and all the brights you desire.

NOTPOLISH is 2-in-1 Powder, can be use with monomer (acrylic application) or as dipping powder


  • A product so rich and silky, NotPolish 2 in 1 Powders spread on like butter and set like hard candy.
  • Our highly pigmented powder consistently produces the same HD results and yields a larger bead for easy application.
  • The choice of Dipping for a sugared look or Dabbing leaves limitless possibilities to what you can create.
Net Weight
  • Weight: 43g
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