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NOTPOLISH COLLECTION - Candy Coated Collection - 12 colors

NOTPOLISH COLLECTION - Candy Coated Collection - 12 colors

Giá thông thường $270.00 CAD
Giá thông thường $300.00 CAD Giá ưu đãi $270.00 CAD
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This Complete Collection comes with all 12 Shades in 2oz

Candy Coated is a see-through hard candy fantasy!

Our newest design is used for achieving a transparent look on your nails with buildable coverage.

Candy Coated is 2-in-1 formula that can be used with our dipping solutions and as acrylic. With our Ex-Straw-Ordinary colors you can chose from our 12 different shades from light colors to dark that are all candy inspired when applied. Our formula was created with the perfect amount of pigmentation and consistency to make the color luminous for all your nail designs. Gloss-it or Matte-it, you will still have a perfect Candy Coated look!

  • A product so rich and silky, NotPolish 2 in 1 Powders spread on like butter and sets like hard candy.
  • Highly pigmented powder consistently produces the same HD results and yields a larger bead for easy application.
  • The choice of Dipping for a sugared look or Dabbing leaves limitless possibilities to what you can create.
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