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[COMM.TOGETHER] The very First Corona virus sterilizer, Bio-Plasma Purifier – FDA registered

[COMM.TOGETHER] The very First Corona virus sterilizer, Bio-Plasma Purifier – FDA registered

Giá thông thường $225.00 CAD
Giá thông thường $380.00 CAD Giá ưu đãi $225.00 CAD
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[COMM.TOGETHER] The very First Corona virus sterilizer, Bio-Plasma Purifier FDA registered.

USA technology - made in Korea 

Chemical Free - Safe for Everyone!

Bio-Plasma Air Sterilizer [️COMM.TOGETHER]

Change your life with our revolutionary air sterilizer! Utilising innovative technology, the Bio-Plasma Air Sterilizer purifies and sterilizes your air destroying virus and all other strains of Coronavirus! It also breaks down odours, allergens, chemical vapours, indoor pollutants and disinfects all bacteria, viruses and fungus.

✅ Release 200Million Ion Each(+)(-) ino per Second

✅ Ozone free Expertly engineered with Cold Plasma Air Purification technology, this device improves air quality, whilst actively removing 99% of harmful bacteria and is one of the most effective, harm-free products on the market.

 ✅ Purified air in a matter of minutes, with a 360 degree system that destroys pathogens reducing odour, allergens, mould spores, dust particles, viruses and germs. Perfect to sterilize air in your home, car, office and more

✅Safely destroys 99% of viruses while they’re still in the air or on surfaces utilising Bio- Plasma Air Purification technology, improving air quality by releasing millions of ions to react with pathogens and ultimately destroy them Boasts molecular control, biological control and o-zone free technology, providing the safest, most effective air sterilization experience.

✅Equipped with useful features like ultra-quiet operation, turbo speed and has a sleek, contemporary, compact design so it fits perfectly in any small space, without ruining your decor.

Product Details:

DIMENSION: 9.35 X9.35 X 3.82 CM


  • Discharge Type (Black):115g
  • Chargeable Type (White):126g


Charging Style: C Type USB 5V

ION BURST SIZE: 200 Million Per Second (+) / (-) ion



  • Charging Time : 90 min.
  • Cordless Working Time : 8 hours max.


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